Friday, 30 December 2011

The Most Expensive Colleges from America

Forbes magazine released it’s list of the most expensive colleges in U.S. It’s worth reading for some insights about the varying costs of education if you’re looking for colleges, or for fun. Forbes calculated the list of America’s Most Expensive Colleges with the help of the Center for College Affordability Productivity, a Washington non-profit that researches the causes of rising educational costs. Take a look at the list of 13 most expensive colleges, from America.

BMW i8 Concept Dream Car

BMW i8 Concept Car,I have no words pictures say it all

Interesting Portraits Made of Human Hair

Zhang Dexuan is the world’s only artist who creates portraits of braided human hair. 66-year-old Zhang Dexuan, from China’s Sichuan province, claims he is the only artist in the world able to create detailed portraits from strands of human hair. Using just five simple tools and a magnifying glass, Zhang manages to created incredible portraits, from hundreds of hair strands collected from members of his family. Judging by the tools used, you might think the art of weaving hair is pretty simple, Zhang Dexuan claims he is the only hair weaving artist on Earth, and has practiced it for the last 54 years. The average diameter of a young person’s hair strand is 0.7 mm, while old people’s hair is just 0.5 mm in diameter and Zhang makes use of both kinds in his artworks, so you can imagine how delicate the process of creating the portraits really is. Just so you can get an idea of the difficulty of this ancient art, Zhang Dexuan has to control his breathing while working, so he doesn’t break the hair strands. Take a look at this quite strange form of art. Enjoy.

Glass sidewalk on 4000 feet high!

Amazing transparent pathway. A glass path was built on the side of a cliff on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China. The ‘Skywalk’ is about 4700 feet (1,430m) above sea level and 200 feet (60 metres) long. The 3ft-wide, 2.5in thick glass walkway is so breathtakingly scary, makes knees go weak and is definitely not for the faint-hearted and those who suffer from vertigo. The company that built it has been unable to find anyone to keep the sidewalk clean. Until they do, daredevils are asked to wear cloth slip-ons over their shoes.

Monday, 26 December 2011