Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Elephant Trunk Snake Characteristic

This weird looking snakes called Elephant Trunk Snake or Acrochordus javanicus was found throughout southeastern Asia, particularly in Indonesia. It is the largest member of its family. Like other wart snakes, it is totally aquatic, and feeds on fish. This bizarre looking snake could be divided into a rare snake species that only live around Indonesia.
although some close relatives are also found in Australia. It gets its name from its unusual skin, which is wrinkled and baggy, and gives the impression of being several sizes too large for the snake. The scales are also unusual; they are large and knobby, hence the snake’s alternate common name, ”warty snake”. They can grow up to 2.5 meters long. Elephant trunk snakes are completely aquatic, and are practically helpless on land; they can’t slither because they lack the broad scales in the belly that are common to most snakes, and an important aid when moving on land. Elephant trunk snakes feed on fish, including catfish and eels; they lack venom, so they use constriction to kill prey; their big knobby scales are an adaptation to hold slippery fish and constrict them underwater. 

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