Sunday, 4 December 2011

World Creepiest Careers

Most of us are trying to avoid creatures as spiders, bugs and insects. But for some meeting with these creatures is every day routine. “Forensic entomologist, who studies insects that invade a person’s dead body and decipher insect life cycles to determine the time and manner of death, is the creepiest career on our list,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “These little bugs can even offer clues as to when and if a body part was moved after death and the types of injuries that may have occurred.”
If you are not to scared or have some phobia than these could be your next job. Some will call it creepy and some will call it a normal day at work. Here are some of the world creepiest careers:
Forensic Entomologist

Average Salary – $47,740
Job Description – Forensic entomologists use their knowledge of insects and the life cycle to apply it to criminal matters.
Average Salary – $61,660
Job Description – Arachnologists are biologists who study spiders and other arachnids of all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Average Salary – $30,340
Job Description – Pest control specialists remove creatures from households, apartment buildings, places of business and other structures to protect people and maintain structural integrity.
Average Salary – $61,660
Job Description – Reptologists are wildlife biologists who specialize in the study of reptiles. Some may work in zoos, while others work in museums of natural history or other venues.

Average Salary – $30,000
Job Description – Road kill removal specialists help extricate and remove dead animal carcasses from highways, roadways and other passageways to dispose of the remains and prevent potential accidents.
Average Salary – $47,740
Job Description – An entomologist studies insects and their life cycles. By classifying insects, observing their behavior and determining their population dynamics, entomologists play an important role in understanding the insect world.

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