Monday, 5 March 2012

Is This How Heaven Looks Like ?

Imagine your perfect escape. How does it look like? White houses, the turquoise sea, hot summer, sipping cocktails all day long? Well, heaven exists and it’s called „Greek Islands“. On Mykonos you can feel magic of the best nightlife in the whole world; Go to Skiathos and visit famous „Banana“ beach where you can party all day, if so not go to one of the top 10 most exotic beaches in the world – „Lalaria“; Get to know history of Rhodes; Experience without an unprecedented the most beautiful sea color on Crete; Live fairytale on Santorini; In Paros be elegant; Party with Italians on Ios, then rest on Samos; On the other side of Greece, meet the happy British in Zakynthos and discover Corfu. Find out what’s your version of heaven and enjoy.

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